How many people can d.41 accommodate? 
The venue can host gatherings of up to 100 people. 


When can I rent your event space? 

The space is available to rent hourly 8 am - 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 8 am - 11 pm Friday & Saturday.

Is it possible to rent hours after  10 pm Sunday through Thursday or 11 pm on Friday & Saturday?

No. Renter, guests, and all vendor items must be out of the facility by 10 pm Sunday through Thursday or by 11 pm Friday & Saturday.

How much does it cost to rent the space?
Please refer to the pricing guide below for questions regarding rental fees. Rental rates are non-negotiable. d.41 asks for a non-refundable $500 deposit to secure your date and time. The deposit is applied to the total rental balance. The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to your event.

Please CLICK HERE for wedding pricing





Where do guests park? 
Parking is available on the lots to the north, west, and south sides of the building. Additional parking is available on Newton Street (east of the building) or on Valley View Drive. Guests may enter through the double doors on either side of the establishment.

May we bring in any items prior to our rental time? 
No. All items must be brought in during the rental time. This includes items from outside vendors, photo booths, cake, DJ equipment, etc. For your event, please allow sufficient time for decorating and vendor set up during your rental period. You will not be allowed to enter the facility before your start time unless authorized. 

*When booking your event, please factor time for setup. We recommend budgeting for at least one hour. 

May we leave any items at the end of our event? 
No. All items must be removed at the end of your event. This includes, but is not limited to: catering items, decorations, DJ equipment, food, etc. 

Does d.41 provide alcohol? 
No. d.41 does not provide alcohol. The client is personally responsible for the conduct of guests, vendors, and all aspects of the event. All persons in attendance must comply with all City, State, and County laws regarding serving alcohol. No alcohol is permitted outside the building. d.41 does not authorize the sale of alcohol. No person shall sell alcohol at the rented facility. 
If you are serving alcohol, d.41 recommends having an off-duty Overland Park police officer on duty. The fee is paid in cash directly to the officer at the beginning of your rental. Officers must arrive 30 minutes before serving alcohol and remain onsite until 30 minutes after your last call.


What about food?

d.41 offers an open catering policy. This means you can use any caterer of your choice or bring in your own food, snacks and desserts. Choose your own adventure! 


What about flowers?

d.41 is located inside historic Dalton's Flowers. They have been in the flower biz since 1941 and will create the perfect florals for your vision.  Please inquire for more information. 

What can I plug into the indoor outlets? 
Any item, such as a photo booth or crockpot that uses a maximum of 120 volts can be plugged in. Multiple items plugged into an outlet that exceed 20 amps will trip the breaker. Outlets are located throughout the venue. 

Is smoking allowed on the premises? 
No. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not allowed inside the building. There is a covered outside patio available on the west side of the building where smoking will be allowed.   

Will anyone from d.41 be on the premises during our rental time? 
Yes. A d.41 staff member will be on-site during your entire rental time. Please refer to this individual for any questions or concerns that arise during the event.

What is our responsibility for clean up at the end of an event?
Anything that you brought into the space needs to go home with you at the end of the event. You are responsible for taking down and disposing of any decorations, removing all rented items, removing any leftover food and beverages, etc.


*When booking your event, don't forget to factor time for clean up. From our experience, one hour is usually enough time to finish clean up. 

Are tables and chairs provided? 
Yes. Tables are included in the rental fee. The ten handcrafted wooden farmhouse tables can seat up to ten adults. Six foot round tables, which seat eight adults, are available upon request for a minimal setup fee. Please ask for more details. If other tables are desired, the client will be responsible for the rental, delivery, setup, and removal. Seating for up to 100 guests is provided. Included in the rental is the use of 60 padded white resin chairs and 10 farmhouse style benches. 

Is there a dance floor? 
Yes. Each client will determine the best dance floor location for the event. 

Does the person who reserves the facility need to be present during the event? 
Yes. The person who has reserved the facility and signed the contract is the contact person and the one responsible for the facility during the rented time. 

Are candles allowed? 
Yes. Wax candles may be used but must be in containers where the flame is at least one inch below the enclosure top. Electric (LED) candles may be used on the fountain, floors, or counters but must be in wooden, metal or plastic holders.
No open-flamed or smoke devices including, but not limited to: fire pits, sparklers, candelabras, flambé, send-off paper lanterns, or smoke machines are allowed indoors. 

Can we use confetti or sparklers for our wedding send-off? 
No. Prohibited items for both inside and outside include: birdseed, confetti, glitter, rice, silly string, sparklers, etc. Fireworks of any kind are prohibited both inside and outside of the property. Please ask if you are unsure.

Can we hang items from the walls or ceiling? 
Decorations may not be hung on the walls or ceiling.  The following items are prohibited: nails, staples, screws, cellophane, hooks, etc. or any other adhesive material. 

Can we decorate d.41? 
Yes. All decorations must be removed after the event. Pictures, balloons, banners etc. cannot be attached with nails, glue, duct tape, or any substance that will damage the wall. Removable tape and Command type products may be utilized to hang décor. 

Can we rent during the holidays? 
Absolutely. Please contact us for holiday rates.