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 Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”)

d.41 offers two times slots each day for our guests to hold their event. 10AM to 2PM for daytime events, 5PM – 11PM for nighttime events (excluding Sundays). Other times may be accommodated. Pricing varies depending on the time and day. Please see below:






Event time includes setup and tear down by the guest. Please plan accordingly. 

Vendor deliveries are only allowed during the rental time and not prior to the event start time.

Doors to the venue will not be open until the event time starts.

How many people can d.41 accommodate?

Celebrations are available for up to 90 people, but we recommend capping the guest list to 75.

Where do guests park?

Parking is available on the lots to the north, west, and south sides of the building. Additional parking is on the street on the east side of the building. Guests may enter through the double doors on either side of the establishment.

Can I tour d.41?

Yes. Tours are by appointment only. Tours are available any time during week days. Other tour times may be accommodated in special circumstances but not guaranteed.

Please call 913-406-7653 anytime and your call should be returned within 24 hours. Tours take approximately fifteen to thirty minutes.

Is it possible to access the premises prior to 5PM for a nighttime event?

It is possible to be granted access to the premises prior to your scheduled time if the space is available. Including any set-up items, or outside vendors.   

Is it possible to rent hours after 11PM on Friday or Saturday or after 10PM on Monday - Thursday?

No. Guests and all vendor items must be out of the facility by 11PM on Friday and Saturday or by 10PM Monday through Thursday unless other arrangements we agreed upon. 

May we leave any items at the end of our event?

No. All items must be removed at the end of your event. This includes, but is not limited to: rented tables, chairs, tents, catering items, DJ equipment etc.

May we have the ceremony as well as the reception at d.41?

Yes. There is no extra fee for this service. 

Does d.41 provide alcohol?

No. d.41 does not provide alcohol. The client is personally responsible for the conduct of guests, vendors, and all aspects of the event. All persons in attendance must comply with all City, State, and County laws regarding serving alcohol. No alcohol is permitted outside the building. d.41 does not authorize the sale of alcohol. No person shall sell alcohol at the rented facility.

If you are serving alcohol, it is strongly recommended an off-duty Overland Park police officer is present. Fee is paid in cash directly to the officer at the beginning of your rental. Officers must arrive 30 minutes before serving alcohol and remain onsite until 30 minutes after your last call.

What can I plug into the indoor outlets?

Any item, such as a photo booth or crockpot that uses a maximum 120 volts can be plugged in. Multiple items plugged into an outlet that exceed 20 amps will trip the breaker. Outlets are located throughout the venue.

Is smoking allowed on the premises?

No. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not allowed inside the building. There is a covered outside patio available on the west side of the building where smoking will be allowed.

Will anyone from d.41 be on the premises during our rental time?

Yes. An experienced consultant will be on duty during your entire rental time. Please refer to this individual for any questions or concerns that arise during the event.

What is our responsibility for clean up at the end of an event?

Client is responsible for taking down and disposing of any decorations and removing all rented items, such as but not limited to linens, center pieces, rented tables or chairs. Leftover food and beverages must be removed from the facility or disposed of.

Are tables and chairs provided?

Yes. Tables and seating are included in the rental fee. If other tables and chairs are desired, client will be responsible for the rental, delivery, setup, and removal.

Is there a dance floor?

Yes. It is at the client’s discretion which area they would designate as the dance floor.

Does the guest who reserves the facility need to be present during the event?

Yes. The guest who has reserved the facility and signed the contract is the contact person, and the one responsible for the facility during the rented time.

Are candles allowed?

No. Wax candles are not permitted. We recommend electric (LED) candles be used instead on the tables, fountain, floors, or counters but must be in wooden, metal, or plastic holders.

No open-flamed or smoke devices including, but not limited to: fire pits, sparklers, candelabras, flambé, send-off paper lanterns, or smoke machines are allowed indoors.

What can we use for our wedding send-off?

Bubbles are allowed outside the facility only. Prohibited items for both inside and outside include: Confetti, birdseed, rice, silly string, glitter, sparklers, etc. Please ask if you are unsure.

Can we hang items from the walls or ceiling?

Decorations may not be hung on the walls or ceiling using these prohibited items: nails, staples, screws, cellophane, hooks, etc. or any other adhesive material.

Can we decorate d.41?

Yes. All decorations must be removed after the event. No pictures, balloons, banners etc. can be attached with nails, glue, duct tape, or any substance that will impact the wall. Removable tape and Command type products may be utilized to hang décor.

Can we rent during holidays?

Yes. Please contact us for holiday rates.

Is d.41 responsible for damages to the premises and/or equipment during the event? 

No, the client is responsible for damages which result from or occur during the event. d.41 storngly recommends clients protect their guests with event liability insurance. 


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