History of Dalton's Flowers and d.41 Event Space

Dee and Anne Dalton opened Dalton’s Flowers in 1941, growing beautiful flowers and plants in greenhouses. With the help of family and friends, the business flourished and became an institution of Downtown Overland Park. The Daltons were able to maintain top-notch hothouse grown flowers and unparalleled service. Dee and Anne will always be remembered as gracious, generous people who never hesitated to lend a helping hand to those seeking gainful employment or welcome hungry folks into their home for a hot meal.


Bill Dalton, the fifth of eight children, was a visionary. As Dee and Anne retired from the business, Bill stepped into their role, transitioning the original business from greenhouses to a retail setting; this was the beginning of Dalton’s Flowers & Gifts. He then seized on this opportunity and opened a sister store, The Lower Level, in Kansas City River Market in the mid-1970s.

Event Venue Creation


Years later, on a hot summer Sunday afternoon in 1987, a fire destroyed the flower shop. It was a complete loss. Bill, once again with help from family and friends, had Dalton’s Flowers back in business the very next day. Nothing was going to stop the business from moving forward. Using temporary trailers and storefronts, business proceeded as usual and plans were underway to rebuild. In the spring of 1988, the project was completed. From the ashes arose an architecturally modern 8,000-square foot building which included a solarium/retail space, bricked fountain, office suite, and a state of the art floral design area and cooler system.  Along with his sister Kathleen and brother Bob, Bill and his family continued to work tirelessly for the next 30 years expanding the floral and retail business.

A Modern, Intimate Space for Events of All Kinds

Spending countless weeknights and weekends renovating the solarium/retail space, several of Bill’s children, Anne, Brad, Andy, Billy, and family friend Kayla, transformed the area into a charming and intimate event space. The team handcrafted every piece of the herringbone patterned wall. They designed and built the natural wooden bar tops, re-purposed the display cooler into an inviting cedar sitting area, stripped and sealed the natural concrete floors, and painted the interior and exterior of the building.

With the new look and feel, the team decided this space warranted a new name; something modern but nostalgic. The importance of paying homage to the past while keeping the name fresh was the ultimate goal. After much debate and discussion, the name was finally settled! d.41. “d” representing Dalton’s Flowers and “41” representing the year the business was established by Dee and Anne. After months of hard work, countless trips to hardware stores, and chanting the d.41 motto “P for Progress” with every project completed, the d.41 team wants to introduce you to our wonderful revitalized space.